How Fauci’s July 2020 Surprise Helped Cost Trump the Election

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The following article shows another smoking gun related to the politicization of the COVID pandemic by Dr. Fauci and others who were desperate to end the Presidency of Donald Trump.  The result of this slow-moving coup d’etat has been the current occupant of the White House, former Vice President Joe Biden, one of the most disastrous poseurs in the nation’s Executive Mansion since the inception of our Republic.

With the exception of Congressman Don Bacon, whose key votes on some important socially conservative issues have rendered him unworthy of re-election, GOP voters need to awake from their lethargy and turn out in large numbers to elect Republicans across the board to offices in Nebraska and elsewhere. Read the whole article here.

BREAKING: Fauci’s July 2020 Surprise cost Trump the election

by Tobi Rogers • July 31, 2022

New evidence shows that Fauci forced Moderna to delay their clinical trial by 3 weeks which postponed the results until after the election

I. Fauci fires Trump

Think back to July 2020. Trump and Fauci were at war with each other. Key leaders within the Trump administration, including Peter Navarro, wanted to fire Fauci. There were riots in the streets as people protested the murder of George Floyd. And new evidence shows that behind the scenes, Fauci was working to torpedo Trump’s chances for re-election.

We already knew that Fauci, the FDA, CDC, and the pharmaceutical industry went to great lengths to block safe and effective treatments including hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin in order to prolong the pandemic and create the market for Covid-19 vaccines. But a new book reveals that Fauci also forced Moderna to delay their clinical trial by three weeks — which pushed the release of their preliminary results until after the presidential election.

This key piece of information comes from The Messenger: Moderna, the Vaccine, and the Business Gamble That Changed the World published last week byHarvard Business Review Press.The author, Peter Loftus, is a reporter for the Wall Street Journal and they published his essay about the book in their Review section on Saturday. What’s astonishing is that Loftus does not even realize the enormity of the story he just stumbled upon. Cultural capture and too many shots apparently prevent one from connecting the dots, so I will do it for him.

Most people already know the broad brush strokes of the Moderna story — they had never successfully brought a product to market before Operation Warp Speed. They were grifters — they took $25 million from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in 2013 to develop mRNA products that never worked and another $125 million from the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) in 2015 for a vaccine for Zika that also failed. But Fauci really liked these grifters and so when the pandemic began in 2020, BARDA directed $483 million to Moderna for Covid-19 vaccine development — and Moderna cut NIH in on the patents. That gave NIH and especially Fauci control over what came next.

If Moderna had released their results 3 weeks earlier — on October 25, 2020, Trump would have scored a major win in the final week of the campaign and won the election.

The key paragraphs from Loftus’ WSJ essay are here:

Dr. Zaks [Chief Medical Officer for Moderna] had wanted to use a private contract research organization to run the whole trial, but NIAID officials wanted their clinical-trial network involved. Eventually, Dr. Zaks backed off, and both entities participated. “I realized we were at an impasse, and I was the embodiment of the impasse,” Dr. Zaks said.

Next, when Moderna’s 30,000-person study began enrolling volunteers in July 2020, the subjects weren’t racially diverse enough. Moncef Slaoui, who led Warp Speed’s vaccine efforts, and Dr. Fauci began holding Saturday Zoom calls with Mr. Bancel and other Moderna leaders to “help coax and advise Moderna how to get the percentage of minorities up to a reasonable level,” Dr. Fauci recalled.

Drs. Fauci and Slaoui wanted Moderna to slow down overall enrollment, to give time to find more people of color. Moderna executives resisted at first. “That was very tense,” Dr. Slaoui said. “Voices went up, and emotions were very high.” Moderna ultimately agreed, and the effort worked, but it cost the trial about an extra three weeks. Later, Mr. Bancel called the decision to slow enrollment “one of the hardest decisions I made this year.”

The claim that Fauci cared about racial diversity in the clinical trial is a lie. How do we know this? Later “clinical trials” for Pfizer and Moderna in kids looked at antibodies in the blood, not actual health outcomes, in only about 300 study participants. The number of people of color enrolled in those undersized trials were in the single digits (literally two or three Black participants total) — so those results were not statistically significant. Yet this did not stop authorization. It appears that Fauci’s delay tactics were designed to accomplish a different goal.

Let’s do the math:

• Moderna released their preliminary results — claiming 94.5% effectiveness — on November 16, 2020.

• The presidential election was less than two weeks earlier — on November 3, 2020.

• Trump lost by less than 1% of the vote in 4 key swing states.

• Fauci’s demand to slow down enrollment in July 2020 cost Moderna 3 weeks.

If Moderna had released their results 3 weeks earlier — on October 25, 2020, Trump would have scored a major win in the final week of the campaign and won the election.

It does not matter how one feels about Trump or Biden. A massive political win in the week before the election would have convinced enough voters of Trump’s competence and thus pushed Trump’s vote total over the top. Read the rest of the article

Photo of White Press Conference from White House archives

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One thought on “How Fauci’s July 2020 Surprise Helped Cost Trump the Election

  1. Have you watched 2000 Mules yet, Gerald? While I have no doubt that release of that trial info at that point in time might have in the short term given Trump a bump in the polls, the reality is that he had more than enough votes to win by a landslide if there had been a way to effectively prevent most of the ballot fraud and if there had been no hacked voting machines in play.

    Trump had such a huge number of votes that it forced the cheaters to halt the vote counting in multiple states while they came up with ways to flip enough votes for Trump to hand Biden a win.

    I believe that Fauci’s participation in the deep-sixing of Trump’s re-election runs much deeper and broader than what you’ve addressed here:
    1. He funded illegal gain-of-function research on bat viruses in
    2. A lab in Wuhan China under the auspices of the CCP, which do not view the U.S. as an ally, but as–at best, the competition to beat, and at worst, the enemy of their chosen ideology that must be crushed in order for them to achieve total world domination.
    3. High-ranking members of the Democrat party visited China in mid-2019
    4. COVID “escaped” and was blamed on the wild meat trade at the local wet market and confusion and global mass panic and shutdowns ensued.
    5. Voting in person became “hazardous” and unsolicited mail-in ballots were spread around liberally to all and sundry.
    5. Into the breach rushed the Zuckerbucks-financed unattended ballot boxes and ballot mules.

    I wonder if Fauci plays chess? He seems to be an excellent, if thoroughly nasty-minded strategist.

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