“Four Pillars” Ad is a Vital Reminder for Lancaster County Voters

Readers may have seen a campaign postcard entitled “Lancaster County’s Four Pillars of Safety & Security.”  It has pictures of candidates Pat Condon (previously endorsed by The Cornhusker Guardian for re-election as County Attorney), longtime Sheriff Terry Wagner (who is seeking an eighth term in that office), Troy Hawk for re-election as Clerk of the District Court, and Trevin Preble, the Republican candidate for Public Defender. 

On the reverse side of that postcard, the text reads “This is NOT San Francisco.  This is Lincoln, Nebraska.  Defend Lancaster County.  From Protection [Sheriff Terry Wagner], to Legal Action [County Attorney Pat Condon] and Fair Representation [Trevin Preble for Public Defender] to Equitable Court Proceedings [District Court Clerk Troy Hawk], The Four Pillars of Safety and Security Will DEFEND and PROTECT Lancaster County.”

This postcard, circulated by the Lancaster County Republican Party, is both important and effective.  Had the money been available, the postcard’s important message should have morphed into billboards placed in at least 20 high-traffic locations around the County.  

This is because it remains a grim fact that crime is surging in Democrat-run cities and counties across the nation.  Concerned Lincoln citizens do not want these troubles imposed upon Lancaster County, especially after seeing the shockingly weak response by Lincoln Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird to the downtown riot following George Floyd’s tragic death at the hands of police in Minnesota. 

The four key County-wide offices that stand between our own citizenry and the local Democrat establishment’s “soft on crime” message (as well as the criminals who will run amok because of it) are our County Attorney, our Sheriff, the Clerk of the District Court and our Public Defender. 

Together, these four Republican candidates will indeed become the “Four Pillars of Safety and Security” for Lancaster County residents as we enter the new year.   

For this reason, The Cornhusker Guardian strongly endorses the Republican team of Pat Condon for election to an additional term as County Attorney, Terry Wagner to an eighth term as County Sheriff, Troy Hawk to a third term as Clerk of the District Court, and Trevin Preble as the new Public Defender.  

Knowing that such men will be on the job protecting and defending them, Lancaster County residents will sleep better at night.  We strongly recommend that voters elect these “Four Pillars of Safety & Security” on November 8th.

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  1. If Wagner states that he will enforce a mask “mandate” again, which is unconstitutional, are you suggesting and supporting this kind of law enforcement? I was treated like a 2nd class citizen, told to leave stores, kicked out of UNL buildings. If this is the law and order you support, count me out.

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