Citizens for Sanity Ad a Graphic Reminder of Why Morfeld and Dungan are Bad for Nebraska

If voters have any doubt as to why term-limited Democrat State Sen. Adam Morfeld and Democrat political newcomer George Dungan III should not receive election to office this year (or any other year for that matter), we hope they will watch the following Citizens for Sanity video. (WARNING! – there are violent scenes in the video.)

It describes in detail the chaos and tragedy that left-wing Democrat policies are bringing to other states and cities.  The Cornhusker Guardian wants to keep such violence and social turmoil (which are often related to the marijuana that Sen. Morfeld so aggressively promotes) far from the borders of Lancaster County and the State of Nebraska.

This is another reason why The Cornhusker Guardian has endorsed Pat Condon for re-election as County Attorney and the election of Russ Barger as Senator for District 26.  They will protect against the insanity identified in the following video.

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