Campaign Corner – Robert J. Borer, write-in Candidate for Governor of Nebraska

The Cornhusker Guardian believes that coverage of the upcoming election is very important. We are facilitating this by providing statements from various candidates for public office here in Nebraska. What follows is a statement from Robert J. Borer, write-in candidate for Governor.

I stand for…

God-given rights and freedoms.
This means I stand for the God-given rights enumerated in our Declaration and Constitutions. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. The right to work. The right to the fruit of our own labor. The right to purchase property at our own expense—and actually own it (no annual taxes). The right to protect that property. The right to make your own decisions about healthcare, your child’s education, etc. The right to be left alone, barring real criminal activity.

These are all negative rights. We have no right to uncompensated service from others nor to the fruit of another’s labor.

The God-given right to Life.
Life begins at conception. The image of God begins at conception. That Life has a God-given right to all the protections everyone else has a right to.

No more mandates.
This means I am opposed to medical tyranny. We are free to make, and responsible for, our own medical/healthcare decisions.

School choice.
This means you have the right to choose how and where your child will be educated. Children must be educated. A Constitution Republic requires educated citizens.

No more child and human trafficking.
The means I place a high priority on stopping the absolute evil of child and human trafficking within our borders. Law enforcement resources would be better spent on this problem than ticketing drivers for driving 5 or 10 miles over the speed limit.

Border security.
This means keeping our citizens safe from those who don’t belong here…i.e., from those who enter our country and state unlawfully.

Verifiable elections.
This means I will eliminate election fraud and require transparent, honest and verifiable elections. The right of qualified voters to vote and have their votes counted fairly is the right that secures all other rights. If that right is stolen, we are reduced to slaves.

Government of, by and for the People.
This means I stand for getting and keeping people involved and engaged in their government, by keeping them informed and educated about what their government is doing. (Needless to say, I stand for very limited government.)

States’ Rights.
This means I will assert our state’s sovereign rights, and enforce the limited role of the federal government per our U.S. Constitution. We are a sovereign state. We are self-governing.

Food security and quality.
Here again, I will assert state sovereignty. We will govern ourselves, through elected representatives, not through unelected bureaucrats (from federal or state government). I will protect our land and food producers. I fully support true, natural, healthy, organic food production.

Holding government accountable.
This means I will keep an eye on government at all levels across the state to make sure your rights are not being infringed. If I find they are, I will call out those doing the infringing and come stand with you to put an immediate stop to it. Our form of government is supposed to be a system of checks and balances upon and against itself. That requires courageous office-holders, which are far and few between at this point in time.

How will I “stand” for all of this?
With God’s help, and by having the courage to be faithful to my oath and by enforcing the supreme law of our State, our Constitution (and by enforcing the limited role of the federal government, per the U.S. Constitution). Article I-1 prohibits your rights from being “denied or infringed by the state or any subdivision of.” I will enforce that. As Governor, the supreme executive power will be vested in me, and it will be my duty to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed and the affairs of the state efficiently and economically administered.”

If you have questions about any other issues, and what side I stand on, please send them my way.

Your humble servant,

Robert J. Borer, official write-in candidate for Governor, and the only candidate standing for your rights.

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