Daily News Focused on Revealing the Truth and Preserving Freedom

Yes, it’s an enormous mission and a massive responsibility, but it’s the gold standard that all of us here at The Cornhusker Guardian strive to achieve.

And it is you, our valued reader, who will help us reach this lofty goal.

Our team of Nebraska’s finest writers and editors are focused on delivering compelling, insightful, and thought-provoking information that we believe will be of interest and value to you. 

As a result, we will reach out to you on a regular basis, primarily through email, to gain your feedback on the articles we have published.  Please consider sharing with us your assessment of our work.  It will be welcomed and greatly appreciated.

Ultimately, we are accountable to you as we work to reveal truth – truth that helps you develop your own well-formed views and opinions on a variety of topics.  And if we do this successfully, together we will help to preserve our freedoms as Americans, because truth unites rather than divides us.  And, together, we are unstoppable.

Welcome to The Cornhusker Guardian!

President and Chief Executive Officer

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