Nebraska Family Alliance Offers Back-to-School Guides for Parents

The Nebraska Family Alliance is a non-profit that exists to “ensure Nebraska is a place where God is honored, marriages and families thrive, life is cherished, parental rights are protected, and religious liberty flourishes.” To help families in this back-to-school season, it is offering parents a series of guides to help them preserve their rights as primary educators of their children.

Children nationwide are being subjected to controversial and ideological content that corrupts their hearts, minds and bodies. Nebraska is not immune to this corrosive influence as we have seen in the push for updated “sex-ed health standards.” These were opposed by the governor and 47 school districts and 30 state senators. The standards have not been adopted by the State Board of Education. In fact Nebraska quit the Anti-parent National School Board Association.

Among the guides that the NFA provides are:

  • The Students Rights Handbook
  • The Parents’ Guide to Transgender Issues
  • Alternative Health Standards Curriculum
  • Opt-Out Forms For Controversial Lessons
  • Civics and American History
  • Homeschool Resources

Click here for more information and for links to the guides

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