2,000 Nebraskans are Working Tirelessly on Election Integrity

The Nebraska Voter Accuracy Project (“NVAP”) is a grassroots volunteer group of more than 2,000 concerned citizens.  It took shape in early 2021 after evidence of inaccurate November 2020 election results surfaced in Nebraska and other states.

NVAP volunteers have worked diligently during the past eight months to account for every ballot cast in Nebraska, and to ensure that our state’s official election results include each valid vote. 

As part of this effort, NVAP volunteers have gone door-to-door in many Nebraska counties, visiting with voters and recording any discrepancies between, for example, how those persons actually voted (i.e., in person or by mail) versus how the State of Nebraska recorded the manner of their votes. Such voters have documented these discrepancies via sworn affidavits. To date, Nebraska voters have executed hundreds of these affidavits.

Additionally, the group has also examined Nebraska’s official November 2020 election results using sophisticated data analysis tools and techniques.  These efforts have produced compelling results.

NVAP has compiled an overview of its findings, which readers can view at: https://www.nevoterap.com/docs/NebVAPPresentation17Dec21v14.pdf.  NVAP volunteers are presenting this overview throughout the State of Nebraska.  Larry Ortega, an aerospace engineer from Bellevue, Nebraska, will provide the following presentations:

January 8, 2022
Valley County GOP
125 S 15th Street
Ord, NE

January 13, 2022
6 pm Social / 7pm Presentation
Eagles Club
17 W. 24th Street
Kearney, NE

January 22, 2022
Elevate Church
8251 Pioneers
Lincoln, NE

Stay Tuned!  The Cornhusker Guardian plans to publish future articles on the activities and findings of the NVAP.

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