Insurance company raises alarm over unprecedented spike in deaths…and they don’t seem to be from COVID

(LifeSiteNews) – New numbers out of Indiana may finally be enough to blow up the “safe and effective” genetic vaccine fantasy once and for all. And they come, not surprisingly, from the head of a company that stands to lose a ton of money because of a sudden, unexpected, and historically unprecedented spike in deaths and disabilities among otherwise healthy individuals in the prime of life.

The original story comes from Margaret Menge and is entitled “Indiana life insurance CEO says deaths are up 40% among people ages 18-64.” At a virtual news conference held December 30, the President and CEO of the Indianapolis-based insurance company OneAmerica, Scott Davison, released some numbers that suggest an unthinkable catastrophe is in the making.

Note that OneAmerica is not a minor concern: It has 2,400 employees and assets of close to $100 billion. They are in the business of insuring people against death and disability, which means they have to be able to estimate how likely it is that people at different ages will die or become disabled. If they guess wrong, they lose lots and lots of money.

It turns out that OneAmerica is apparently hemorrhaging money right now, because workers they have insured through their employers are dropping like flies, many never to rise again. In 2019, they paid out $6 billion in claims. Even in 2020, at the height of the pandemic, they paid out the same amount — $6 billion — in claims.…

But in 2021, to listen to CEO Davison, they will be paying out much, much more.

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UPDATE – LIfesite is not the only one on this story – Steve Kirsh is also!

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