Election Fraud is an Existential Threat in Nebraska and for all Americans

The Cornhusker Guardian has consistently endeavored to shine a bright light on the critical topic of election fraud in Nebraska and across the United States.  This focus recently introduced us to an excellent piece by Eric Georgatos, writing for Debbie Georgatos – America, Can we Talk? In the following article, Mr. Georgatos approaches the topic from a refreshingly non-political perspective – from the perspective of the American Citizen. He did this by simply asking, “Is our election system vulnerable to outcome-changing fraud?  And if so, how can it be fixed?”  The article begins:

Election Fraud is an Existential Threat to America

by Eric Georgatos from Debbie Georgatos – America, can we talk?

Despite relentless gaslighting by election fraud deniers (this was the “most secure election in American history – trust me!”), once you are informed, the undeniable truth is that election 2020 was stolen right before our very eyes. And it was not a first-time thing: systemic vulnerability to election fraud plagues our election process at all levels in America and has for years.  The only question is whether Americans who understand this have the courage to fix it. Our very existence as a constitutional republic depends on our willingness to take up this battle and refuse to surrender until we win.  It is a massive and massively consequential problem. And there is a simple solution

But the most impactful, foundational issue for American citizens, regardless of political affiliation, is one that is amenable to nonpolitical factual analysis. Is our election system vulnerable to outcome-changing fraud? And if so, how can it be fixed?

There is a raging battle in America today about an enormously consequential question: whether the 2020 election was stolen. It’s a largely political battle. Both political camps profess to oppose election fraud, so they agree in principle on the need for fair elections but disagree on whether and how election fraud occurred.

But the most impactful, foundational issue for American citizens, regardless of political affiliation, is one that is amenable to nonpolitical factual analysis. Is our election system vulnerable to outcome-changing fraud? And if so, how can it be fixed?

Four primary points before delving more deeply into the facts and solutions.

  • One, the entire American experiment in self-governance and human liberty depends on getting this issue right. If elections are rigged, we are no longer self-governed. Just as we cannot have a sovereign nation without secure borders, we cannot have a constitutional republic secured by democratic voting, without honest elections.
  • Two, every American should care about whether our election process harbors systemic vulnerabilities – whether it is possible to steal an election in America.  Whether you are a Trump-supporter, a Never-Trumper, an agnostic on voting and politics, or anywhere else on the political spectrum, is irrelevant. It is not about Trump or Biden or any other person. Further, whether you believe the 2020 elections were rigged, or not, is also irrelevant to getting to the correct answer about whether our current election process suffers from fatal vulnerabilities to fraud.
  • Three, we cannot afford to kick this election fraud can down the road any longer. The 2020 election debacle offered a mega-spotlight on election fraud methods and unleashed an army of everyday citizens and election experts who have exposed evidence we cannot ignore. What they uncovered is more than sufficient to justify a demand for broad, systemic changes to our electoral process. We know the “how’s,” meaning the methods used to cheat voters out of a fair election.  And we can fix them. Given that those holding office “won” elections under our currently flawed system can render some of them unwilling to do the hard work to fix the process.

    We the People must lead on this issue.
  • Four, the fact that numerous forms of election fraud occurred simultaneously does not in the slightest diminish the illegality and seriousness of each method or proof point. Also, it does not matter that no one appears to know with precision and completeness each and every person or group pulling the strings of election fraud (though I have some very good guesses). The fact that strings are pulled, and elections manipulated, all by itself means we must fight the fraud. Similarly, do not be duped by those who say that election audits happened, and they verified the original count. If a pile of 100 counterfeit $1 bills is counted over and over, and each time you get 100, that does nothing to determine if the bills were counterfeit or by how many methods they were counterfeited. Same with counting and recounting fraudulent ballots.

The Election Theft of 2020

The hysteria with which some politicos and journalists lambast and actually threaten Americans who question the 2020 elections is telling. When Biden’s Department of Homeland Security issues an official bulletin saying that you might be considered a “domestic terrorist” if you question the legitimacy of the 2020 elections, you know those raising questions are “taking fire because they are over the target.”  Those screeching that no analysis or investigation should take place, no questions can be asked, appear to be admitting that investigation would uncover the illegitimacy.

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