Republican Primary Election Endorsements by The Cornhusker Guardian

Because the Democratic Party’s official platforms (both at the Nebraska and national levels) have so many positions that are contrary to The Cornhusker Guardian’s conservative philosophy, and because the “Non-Partisan” label is so often a cover for Democrats (and for “Republicans-in-Name-Only”) who want to conceal their true political identities, The Cornhusker Guardian is confining its endorsements to the Republican Primary.

And because of the large number of offices upon which voters must cast ballots, we are further confining endorsements to contested races in parts of Nebraska where we:

1. Have no unresolved issues (such as our knowledge of a candidate’s role in the legalization of hemp during an earlier session of the Unicameral), and

2. Currently have good coverage from reporters and other writers who live in those areas. As The Cornhusker Guardian grows, it is the Editorial Board’s intention to expand our coverage, in depth, to the entire State of Nebraska.

With respect to the “unresolved issues” mentioned above, we hope to discuss these issues with the affected candidates as the electoral process moves toward the general election in November.

Finally, we will also name candidates in uncontested races where we have sufficient knowledge and consider the candidate to be particularly outstanding and worthy of mention.

For Governor

Charles W. Herbster

The Cornhusker Guardian reviewed the websites and other campaign materials of those candidates who had a reasonable chance of winning the primary. The only candidate who proactively reached out to The Cornhusker Guardian was Mr. Herbster, whose energy rivals that of former President Donald J. Trump, who has also endorsed Charles W. Herbster.

Even had Mr. Herbster not reached out to us, The Cornhusker Guardian would have endorsed him. Nebraska needs a Governor outside the Republican Establishment, someone with excellent policy ideas, outstanding people skills, high energy, and national connections that can be leveraged for the benefit of Nebraska.

The candidate who best fits that description is Mr. Herbster. We strongly endorse Charles W. Herbster for election as the next Governor of Nebraska, and we encourage you to vote for him.

For Secretary of State

Robert J. Borer

In normal times, incumbent Bob Evnen would probably merit re-election. He is a good and decent man of high intelligence and great professional accomplishment. But we are not living in normal times.

Our election integrity, both in Nebraska and nationally, has been threatened. Although Mr. Evnen has done some work in this area, Mr. Borer would do more.

Proactively restoring confidence in our electoral process has to be at the top of the list for our Secretary of State. Mr. Borer is best equipped and motivated to carry out that mission.

We strongly endorse Robert J. Borer for election to the office of Secretary of State, and we encourage you to vote for him.

For State Treasurer

John Murante

For Auditor of Public Accounts

Mike Foley

Mr. Foley has an amazing record of accomplishment in a variety of Nebraska elective offices. He was elected twice to the State Senate, twice to the office of Lieutenant Governor (which he presently occupies), and twice to the same office he seeks today.

We have heard it said by long time Nebraska political observers that Mr. Foley was the best Nebraska Auditor of Public Accounts in living memory. He should be returned to that office in 2022.

We strongly endorse Mike Foley and encourage you to vote for him.

Lancaster County Commissioner District 3

Matt Schulte

If you have any doubts as to whether Mr. Schulte should replace long serving Commissioner Deb Schorr, please read The Cornhusker Guardian story published on this race earlier in the week.

We strongly endorse Matt Schulte and encourage you to vote for him.

Lancaster County Treasurer

Tracy L. Refior

Mr. Refior is a rock-solid, pro-life conservative. He will bring a breath of fresh air to the Treasurer’s office, which has declined under Democrat Treasurer Rachel Garver.

We strongly endorse Tracy L. Refior and encourage you to vote for him.

For U. S. House of Representatives

District 2 – Steve Kuehl

Mr. Kuehl is challenging incumbent Rep. Don Bacon. The Cornhusker Guardian feels Mr. Bacon has done a poor job as Congressman and should be replaced. Former President Donald J. Trump said as much during his rally last Sunday in support of Charles W. Herbster.

Perhaps the nadir of Mr. Bacon’s service in Congress was reached in 2020, when he co-sponsored an amendment to a national defense bill that would have required 18-year-old girls to register for the military draft. The July 5, 2020, edition of documented Mr. Bacon’s support of it.

This was especially egregious, because Mr. Bacon served as a Brigadier General in the U.S. Air Force. So he should understand, perhaps better than anyone, the warrior culture that animates our U.S. military — and how injurious that culture can be to the feminine nature.

No young woman should ever be forced to register for conscription into the U.S. Armed Forces. But Mr. Bacon voted to require it anyway. For this and many other reasons, Mr. Bacon should be returned to private life.

We strongly endorse Steve Kuehl and encourage you to vote for him.

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