Why is Nebraska allowing Douglas County Health Department to offer COVID-19 vaccines to children under 5?

by TCG Editorial Board

Nebraska’s Douglas County Health Department recently announced plans to offer COVID-19 “vaccines” to children under 5 years of age. It is doing so in the face of serious questions from many prominent medical doctors and university medical researchers about the advisability of “vaccinating” children of such tender years. The dangers to infants are now well documented in this Israeli series of reports.

This information raises important questions for Nebraska residents. Although the Cornhusker State suffers under odd and antiquated laws relating to how public health is managed in various localities, some threshold questions demand answers:

  1. Why is Gov. Ricketts allowing this?
  2. If he lacks authority to prevent it, what statutory language would grant the Governor sufficient power to do so?
  3. Has he proposed such language?
  4. If not, why not?
  5. Where do Dr. Jim Pillen and Sen. Carol Blood stand on this issue from the perspective of their gubernatorial campaigns?

Once this statutorily remediating language is put forth, The Cornhusker Guardian hopes voters will hold State Senate candidates accountable by demanding their positions on such legislation, which should be designed to prevent local health authorities from “going rogue” and risking injury and death to young children from a “vaccine” that they do not need.

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